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Updated 10-14-2018

Service starts-9am



  Verses for the week

M-Genesis 9: 1-7

T-Genesis 9: 8-17

W-Genesis 9: 18-19,10:1-4,6-8,21-23

Th-Genesis 11: 1-9

F-Genesis 12: 5-9

St-Hebrews 11: 4-10

S- Genesis 11:10,27,31-32,12:1-4






































































































Thanks to everyone who helped the apple butter boil be successful again.

Nov.11-Congregational meeting/meal after service.

Harvest home

Veterans Day celebrated


Mission Statement:

St.John(Barners) Lutheran Church is an inclusive fellowship gathered for worship and Christian Service in the community of Liverpool and environs.
We are part of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church as expressed by the Lutheran Faith.

Office Hours:TBD

  •              OCTOBER        2018


Bible Study (Donna's house) 7pm